The Color Development Center is one of the feathers in Frilvam’s cap, a service capable of presenting the customer with the formula and a sample of the exact color requested within 24 hours.

The outline of the process is very simple:


Customers need a specific color, they explain their needs to the Frilvam technicians, the laboratory produces the proofs


The customer checks the work until they find the color/effect they want


Frilvam delivers the requested color and a sample to the customer. All in the space of one day

In truth, this apparent simplicity rests on the extensive know how accumulated from years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a flexible and well-prepared structure to handle any and all demands.

Once customers have made their request, the first step is analyzing the sample they’ve brought as a reference or proposing our “pre-made” samples (small plates with special effects, bottles, glitter grades) that come closest to the customer’s requests. The main types of analysis that can be performed are: colorimetric reading, infrared analysis, Differential Scanning (DSC), UV spectrophotometer, burning and the filter test.

But each technical question must be considered together with the customer’s other eventual needs, even those of a less technical nature. Cost, for example, by choosing the least expensive and most accessible raw materials, but which meet the customer’s needs.

On the basis of all these variables, the laboratory begins creating proofs, each of which is presented to the customer until the desired color/effect is found.

At this point, once the sample has been established and confirmed, Frilvam produces the final version and, in the space of 24 hours, supplies the customer with the final color and a representative sample.