Chemical Lab


The technical heart of the company. Here the experience and skill of our qualified personnel unite with the sector’s most cutting-edge technologies for analysis (ATR-FTIR, UV Spectroscopy, Colorimetry, Microscopy, gloss meter, DSC, the Karl Fischer Method, MFR) and processing (injection molding presses, bubble film machine, casting, twin-screw extruders). Only from this combination can you achieve top performance, with a constant eye to continuous innovation for an increasingly demanding market.

Quality Control
Capping things off at this sector leader is the Quality Control Department, which guarantees the uniformity and quality of production through a verification program that covers the products’ entire range of properties.


  • FTIR
  • UV Spectroscopy
  • Colorimetry
  • Microscopy
  • Gloss meter
  • DSC
  • The Karl Fischer Method
  • MFR

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