Regulatory Affairs Dept

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Regulatory Affairs Dept.

to the Client along all
the production cycle

of conformity for Frilvam’s
product range

and customised


“Plastic compliance”, a complex subject. Needs to be followed step-by-step

Frilvam’s Regulatory Affairs Department has access to all the information developed through the Customer’s project (from the research and development phase to the commercial offer) and can support the Client’s regulatory group to ensure that the documentation package (technical, regulatory, production and control) contains all the required requirements.

Frilvam’s Regulatory Affairs Dept. dossier


From project to reality. With the Frilvam guarantee

    Ensure compliance throughout our entire range of masterbatches products developed according to the intended use of your item/packaging.
    Provide specific products based on the qualitative and regulatory needs of the various markets and sectors

Frilvam’s Regulatory Affairs Dept. dossier



Express and customised consultancy. Thanks to “Frilvam’s method”

Time plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing a competitive advantage, including and above all in the “regulatory” field. Therefore, Frilvam has developed its own method of analysis and Customer support based on:

  • Customer surveys
  • Declarations of the absence/presence of substances
  • Traceability testing
  • Careful selection of its suppliers of raw materials

Components that guarantee rapid responses to every request.

Frilvam’s Regulatory Affairs Dept. dossier

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Frilvam’s Regulatory Affairs Dept. dossier