Products lines


The PRISMA WHITES line is wide-ranging and covers all possible applications, both in molding and in extrusion, filming or blowing. All the products guarantee a respect for the highest performance parameters and excellent dispersion and coating capacities.

The PRISMA BLACKS line includes a variety of products with special characteristics such as UV resistance, specific features for outdoor usage, and food contact suitability, and all of them guarantee excellent fluidity, dispersion capacity and color output.

In addition to the wide selection of colors and special effects in the PRISMA COLORS line obtained from the counter-typing of the principal RAL and Pantone codes, Frilvam also offers the possibility of creating tailor-made colors at its CDC (Color Development Center), on the basis of the various marketing and R&D needs of its customers.

Abbreviation of “biaxially oriented polypropylene.” This is a constantly growing sector, but one which requires extensive know-how and specific skills on the part of the manufacturer. The PRISMA BOPP line is dedicated to technologically advanced productions in the packaging sector.

The PRISMA BIO line includes a wide selection of colors made for products in recyclable plastic, manufactured according to sustainability criteria and guaranteeing the possibility of a complete reuse of the finished product. Biodegradability, moreover, certifies the capacity for organic recovery and the total absence of the release of any harmful substances during the composting process.

Over the years Frilvam has developed an extensive PRISMA ADDITIVE line for every need in all the relevant sectors, with particular attention to agriculture and hard and flexible packaging. An in-depth knowledge of the interactions between base resins, additives and other components, and the effects of any other processes the final product must undergo before its end application, makes Frilvam a prepared and competent partner in the resolution of any problems as well.