Frilvam: the rich experience of the 2018 Agricultural Film

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Frilvam: the rich experience of the 2018 Agricultural Film

Frilvam: the rich experience of the 2018 Agricultural Film

Frilvam: the rich experience of the 2018 Agricultural Film

The 2018 Agricultural Film, held from 17 to 19 September at the Melia Castilla Hotel in Madrid concluded positively for all those involved. The Spanish capital played host to a gathering of important specialists in the international field of agricultural coverings, producers of raw materials and films, cooperatives, growers and public and private organisations involved in agriculture.

The aim of the conference, in its 11th edition, was to share experiences and knowledge, creating an opportunity for networking between both partners and competitors to discuss the different points of view on such a current and important subject.

A strategic sector

Indeed, agriculture is a market undergoing a potent evolution, as well as being the first ever global market. Over the years, plastification and agriculture have almost become two parallel worlds and, therefore, for companies involved in the plastic film sector, being up-to-date on regulations and technological developments in this sector is fundamental.
Madrid not only saw the participation of main players in the production of additives, such as Bayer and Clariant, to mention the most important, but also producers of Masterbatch.

Sustainability and environmental impact

The conference focused on the bio-sustainability of agricultural films, starting with the main meeting centered around a detailed explanation of the new standard that defines the biodegradability of mulching films. That was the starting point for the development of a series of presentations, which not only involved the increase in the performance of Mulching and greenhouse plastic films, but also aspects related to the lowest possible environmental impact.

Towards the future

Among the many interesting moments experienced during the 2018 Agricultural Film, there were several presentations of futuristic solutions, not yet tested over the long term, of aluminium cooling films that aim to increase productivity and also appear to be completely biodegradable.

Also worthy of note were the contributions of Indian producers, who shared the results of their film-making technology.

Lastly, the point of view of a Spanish farmer explaining the need to increase eco-sustainable production was particularly stimulating.


So far, the real elements that make a difference on the final performances of films in agriculture are the companies that produce the Masterbatch. Even in an important international context such as the one in Madrid, it was clear that Frilvam is already a step ahead in this sector, thanks to the new generation of UV additives that allows greater resistance to pesticides

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