Frilvam’s new website is officially online

Frilvam’s new website is officially online

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that Frilvam’s new website is officially online.

With a brand-new design and completely restructured, and featuring an intuitive system of navigation making it easier to consult, the new site is truly a “gateway” into the universe of Frilvam Masterbatches.

Inside the various sections, users can find all the information they need regarding the company: from its history and its current configuration in the Company section, to its entire product range in the “Products” section.

Without forgetting about the closer looks at our laboratories, technology, and internal research; focuses on the specific virtues of each of the group’s three branches; the certifications we’ve obtained and all the most up-to-date news about the world of Frilvam.

The inauguration of our new website is part of a broader project to modernize our communication and graphics.

Our aim is to use make use of the languages and means of communication necessary for the needs of today, while, at the same time, keeping ourselves firmly rooted in the tradition of hard work and research that has made Frilvam Italy’s leading company in the Masterbatch sector.