Kunststoffen 2018: a new stage for Frilvam on the path to growth in the European market

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Kunststoffen 2018: a new stage for Frilvam on the path to growth in the European market

Kunststoffen 2018: a new stage for Frilvam on the path to growth in the European market

Kunststoffen 2018: a new stage for Frilvam on the path to growth in the European market


The twentieth edition of Kunststoffen is held at the Koningshof NH Conference Centre in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Kunststoffen is the main fair and meeting place in Benelux for the entire manufacturing, plastics and rubber industry. There is the participation of about 300 companies and the number of international companies has increased considerably in recent editions, especially from Germany and Italy.
Frilvam will be represented in the Netherlands by a company official, together with the local agent, Bonnes Global Trading, a connoisseur of the market in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.


From 26 to 27 September, two days in which to realisethat there are an endless number of possibilities for working with plastic. The best way to get to the event from Italy is undoubtedly by plane. Lots of companies fly to Eindhoven and it is very easy to get to the Koningshof NH Conference Centre in Veldhovenfrom the airport. The distance is just five kilometres. You can take a bus (the number 20 or the number 319) and get there in about 40 minutes at a fairly low cost, the ticket being 2.60 Euros, with busses leaving every 20 minutes. Alternatively, the quickest solution is by taxi (just 15 minutes), but it is also more expensive at around 30 Euros.

” The Benelux market is an important territory for our core business and that is also one of the reasons Frilvam has decided to participate in the 2018 edition of the Kunststoffen fair. Indeed, it is no secret that our company has recently been developing its business in this part of Europe. As a result, making us better known locally has become a goal that we need to achieve as soon as possible: going to Holland is undoubtedly an important step in that direction 

Frilvam staff


This is the twentieth edition of Kunststoffen; Frilvam, however, has existed for 70 years. Therefore, taking part in the fair is also an opportunity to tell people about our long history (as well as our new graphic design and our new range of products) in such an important market and territory.


Given the proximity to the fair, staying in Eindhoven is undoubtedly the best choice. In recent years, this city in the south of Holland has become a laboratory of trends and ahotbed of start-ups. A liveable city, in which bicycles are the mode of transport par excellence and the nightlife is quite animated.

Restaurant Zoet & Zout
Nieuwstraat, 40
Dutch cuisine is famous for being simple and high in calories. The country’s colonial past has led to many culinary contaminations, including Indonesian, Surinamese and Antillean influences. This place provides a taste of the main traditional food on offer.

Gaucho’s Grill 
Stationsplein, 7
Eindhoven is also famous for being an international city, which is mirrored by types of restaurants. Gaucho’s Grill is a heaven of meat: from lamb chops to large steaks. All clearly inspired by the Argentinian cuisine.

Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven
Aalsterweg, 322
A continental hotel just five minutes’ drive from the centre of Eindhoven. A modern hotel with plenty of services, such as a large sports centre with a swimming pool, fitness facilities and a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine.

Crown Inn
Markt, 35
Ideal for those wishing to stay in the city centre and discover the tourist and cultural potential of Eindhoven. The location, in the market square, is first class.

Philips Museum
Emmasingel, 31
Reliving the 19th century atmosphere on a tour of the first and oldest Philips factory is, undoubtedly, a great experience. Inside the building, you can also discover how the first filament light bulbs were made in 1891.

DAF Museum
Tongelresestraat, 27
Eindhoven is renowned for being a place full of workers and factories. That is the reason you can visit museums that have risen from the ashes of industrial giantssuch as the DAF Museum. A buildingentirely dedicated to the history of Hub Van Doorne and his automobile factory called Van Doorne’sAanhangwagenfabriek, better known as DAF, where you can admire sports cars, trucks and prototypes that never made it onto the market.